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From Dan Bush <>
Subject parameterOrder
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 20:23:45 GMT
How do I get org.apache.axis.wsdl.Java2WSD to produce WSDL which
respects the parameter names? see

Example method:

public CustomerInfo getCustomerInfo(String customerId) ...

The 1.2dev version(a nightly snap I grabbed some time ago) of Java2WSD
would actually produce:

<wsdl:operation name=3D"getCustomerInfo" parameterOrder=3D"customerId">

but 1.2.1 of Java2WSD produces:

<wsdl:operation name=3D"getCustomerInfo" parameterOrder=3D"in0">

I am generating RPC/literal and want the parameterOrder attributes=20
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values to be the actual parameter names for interop with .NET. I have
this working with a nightly snap but, I can't seam to get it together
with the 1.2.1 final. Was there an impl change internally for
compliance or is there some waw to control this behavior that I have
overlooked? Or do I have to start with WSDL to make this work?


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