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From "Tootell, James" <>
Subject RE: XML generated by WSDL not correct?
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 17:26:27 GMT
    I did a quick diff on the schema in the XSD file and the schema
element in the WSDL.  It looks like they define the same elements but
they are NOT identical.  I suspect they are two different versions of
the same set of definitions.  If I were you, I would go back to the
person who gave you the WSDL and the schema and ask which set of
definitions is really the correct one.
If you reference the XSD without removing the definitions in the schema
element already present in the WSDL, you'll get errors about objects
already being defined.  Ideally, you should be designing/coding against
the WSDL, not ancillary files.
Also, most (conscientious) web service providers offer a zip or jar
containing a verified client implementation.  You may want to ask your
provider for a copy of his client source to compare against your own.


	From: Vincent Hauser []

	Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 6:44 AM
	Subject: XML generated by WSDL not correct?
	Hi everyone,
	I have received a WSDL-file with which I generate client java
code (with 
	WSDL2Java). The supplier of the WSDL-file also supplied an
	(mm7-extended-1-1.xsd) which I have not used in any way.
	When calling their service, the service responds with an error
	when parsing SOAP XML. Unsupported MM7 message type or message
type node 
	The supplier says that the XML we send is incorrect, which is
	since the XML is generated by the java, generated with the WSDL.
	supplier has given me an example of how the XML should look
like. He also 
	says that the WSDL is correct and that I should use the
	I don't know if I should paste the WSDL and the XSD-file here
	they're so lengthy but you might need to see them. So, below I
	1)  The XML I send,
	2)  the XML the supplier says I should be sending and
	3)  the WSDL-file and lastly
	4)  the XSD-file
	Should I reference the XSD-file somewhere in the WSDL-file?
	Should I skip generation of java code with the WSDL2Java and 
	programmatically generate all the needed XML with java? This
seems a 
	likely option since some things in his XML-file is impossible to
	with the java client (The <AddressGroup> for example or
	which is a URI-object in java and java won' accept a only a
	Perhaps all my problems stem from the fact that Axis generates 
	incompatible code. But then again, that would dispute the
generality of 
	SOAP services and the idea of defining a contract through a
	Thank you for any repons on how I should continue. As of now,
I'm stuck 
	since I can't generate the XML they need.

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