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From jayachandra <>
Subject Re: Another issue
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 06:48:26 GMT
Alternately, you could code your own Serializer/Deserializer taking help 
from existing SimpleSerializer and Deserializer Factories that are present 
in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser package and later use <typeMapping ...> in 
your WSDD.
 For more information take a look at
 On 9/5/05, Jeff Greif <> wrote: 
> Look into message-style services (see the Axis user guide, Service Styles
> section, and the Wiki). A few signatures are possible, and one of these
> might be what you're looking for:
> Element[] your-method-name(Element[] requestBodyElements);
> Document your-method-name(Document requestBody);
> The client calling the service would supply DOM Elements or Documents. The
> server would determine the type of document in order to decide what to
> return. The client would know what to do with whatever XML is returned.
> Jeff
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> From: Fabrício
> To:
> Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 6:43 AM
> Subject: Another issue
> Hello all,
> As I said in previous messages, I want to create a web service that could
> receive any types and dynamically extracts the contents of those types.
> Thus, I saw in java Object a solution for my problem. Hence, I created the
> web service that receives and returns the java Object:
> public Object myMethod(Object o) throws Exception{
> .
> }
> Now, my problem is: How can I create, in WSDD and in the client, the 
> Mapping
> to serialize my object, once I don't know specifically what type I'm
> receiving and returning?
> Some times I can receive a bean for a person (name, age, weight), other
> times I can receive a bean about address (street, state, country), or a 
> bean
> about cars (color, model, vendor). I don't know previously the type that 
> my
> web service will receives. If I knew I could mount my WSDD with no 
> problems
> (passing the specific beanMapping) and in my client too (mounting my
> call.registerTypeMapping(specif class information and (De)
> BeanSerializerFactory).
> My doubt is how I must construct my WSDD and my client to make my web
> service works. Or anyone could see another solution for my problem? 
> Instead
> of java Objects. Or this is an unreachable web service?
> Thanks a lot for any help,
> Fabrício.

-- Jaya

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