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From Krishna Chaganti <>
Subject How to make deserializer ignore some fields in a type
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 13:15:06 GMT
I have Service  FooService  and has methods
    void setFoo(Foo aFoo) and
    Foo getFoo()
    on it and call it version 1
Foo is defined with object variables x
     private String x;

Now the FooService version 2 deployed and version 1 removed.
in version 2 Foo object has  anohter object variables y.

How can I make the clients written for Version 1 will still work for 
Version 2  for a getFoo() method.

The Version 1 clients get error Foo does not have setY method.

I know one way to solve is use dynamically executing the servive and 
parsing the result, don't bind the type to static Foo object.

But is there easy way to make it work , the client is already written 
for Version 1.


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