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From Gordon Gekko <>
Subject Re: [axis2] client for two web services - wsdl2java
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 18:34:33 GMT
Hi Saminda,

first thanks a lot for your help!

I don't exactly see what do you mean.  The wsdl2java -o option is in 
both cases src, the source directory, where I want the code to be 

If I generate the code in two separate directories, let's say -o src1 
and -o src2, then when I will compile the code in a common bin 
directory.  The schema directory will still be overridden in the bin 
directory because they have the same name.  On the other hand, I cannot 
change the name of one of the two schema directories because then it 
will not conform to the package name which is

I also created two jar archives called schema1.jar and schema2.jar where 
I put the schema directories generated by the different executions of 
wsdl2java and made them available in the classpath.  But this doesn't 
solve the problem, the same exceptions still arise.

Maybe I didn't understand what you were suggesting.  What do you think?

Thanks a lot again!


Saminda Abeyruwan wrote:

> Gordon Gekko wrote:
>> I think that the problem might occur because the schema directory is
>> overwritten by wsdl2java in the second execution.
> Yes, if the outpath is same (.. -o ..) the generated schema folder will 
> be overridden and cause the null pointer exception. Just give another 
> location for service2.wsdl. That would do the trick.
> Saminda

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