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From Brian Preston <>
Subject Axis or Eclipse error?
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 19:53:54 GMT
<pre><tt>I'm trying to use the Call.invoke(SoapEnvelope) method. I'm using =
Eclipse. I'm getting the compile error :<br><br>The method invoke(QName, Ob=
ject[]) in the type Call is not applicable for the arguments(SOAPEnvelope).=
But the code helper listed several invoke methods, including the one with =
<br><br>Also, in the package explorer view, I can open the axis.jar down to=
the Call class and see the various invoke() methods, including invoke(SOAP=
Enveloper).<br><br>Why is the compiler not finding this method? It seems li=
ke a classpath issue, or it's looking at an older version of the=20
axis.jar. I was using an older one, and then downloaded the latest one with=
the newer invoke methods.<br><br>I've looked in my system classpath and it=
's not there. Is there another classpath that Eclipse uses, that overrides =
the project classpath settings?

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