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Subject Re: How to indicate session mgmt in WSDL
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 18:14:58 GMT
Yes, your WSDL should be as self-describing as possible but in this case, 
I think you are asking too much.  I would encourage you to look at web 
service orchestration (WS-Orchestration).  It would be a better fit for 
what you are trying to accomplish.  WS-Orchestration (and its predecessor 
BPEL4WS) is about connectioning discrete web services into a higher-order 
business process.

Perry Hoekstra

"Jarmo Doc" <> 
09/06/2005 12:55 PM
Please respond to


How to indicate session mgmt in WSDL

I intend to implement session management via SOAP headers and am under the 

impression that my WSDL should be as self-describing as possible hence it 
would need to describe the session management interface.

Let's say that my WS exposes the following methods:

- login(name, password)
- dowork(args)
- logout()

How can WSDL indicate that the login() method will return SOAP headers 
containing a new session id?  And how would it indicate that dowork() and 
logout() require the session id in subsequent requests from the client?


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