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From "Cerny Christian" <>
Subject RE: Fault - makeTypeElement()
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2005 10:23:47 GMT



From: Anne Thomas Manes [] 
Sent: Sonntag, 25. September 2005 02:26
To: Vishist Mandapaka
Subject: Re: Fault - makeTypeElement()


1. The code should not work in Axis 1.2. I guess it is more forgiving
than Axis 1.1.
2. Schema inclusion does not change the namespace qualification status
of the elements defined in the included schema. In the schema spec
terminology, inclusion does not "coerce" the included schema. An
included schema must have the same namespace as the including schema or
no namespace. 


On 9/24/05, Vishist Mandapaka <> wrote:

Then I have the following questions
1. How come the code is working in Axis 1.2
2. In the schema inclusion statement, I have defined the
targetNamespace. Wouldn't it be sufficient?

Anyway, as you said, I will try to put the namespace declaration in the
schema and verify it. I will let you know the progress. 
thanks a lot


On 9/24/05, Anne Thomas Manes <
<> > wrote:

Looking just at your schema, I suspect you might have a namespace
The fault indicates that it is trying to define the
{ssi_esap_lnp}>SSILNPResponse type (a qualified element name) but your
schema doesn't define a targetnamespace, so all elements in the schema
are unqualified.


On 9/24/05, Anne Thomas Manes <
<> > wrote:

	Please also provide the WSDL.


	On 9/23/05, Vishist Mandapaka <
<> > wrote:

	  I am using Axis 1.1 and deployed the webservice on Iplanet 6.1
webserver. When I try to access the WSDL, I get the following exception

	Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... here are the

	Fault - makeTypeElement() was told to create a type
"{ssi_esap_lnp}>SSILNPResponse", with no containing element
	 faultCode: {
	 faultString: makeTypeElement() was told to create a type
"{ssi_esap_lnp}>SSILNPResponse", with no containing element
	It seems there is something wrong with my webservice. But I'm
unable to figure it out. There is nothing in webserver logs.
	The same webservice is working in Axis 
	1.2. But our companys spec is to use Axis 1.1 :). 
	I am outlining the steps I followed
	1. Created an xsd describing the complex elements
	2. Created the wsdl, with the include statement for xsd.
	3. generated the java classes using Axis utility class
	4. Compiled the source files and then deployed it. 
	5. The process of deploying is like, I have a server-config.wsdd
in WEB-INF directory and I deployed that webservice using 
	deploy.wsdd file generated by Axis.
	When I try to access the wsdl, I get this error.
	Your help in this matter will be lot to me. I am including the
xsd, wsdl and wsdd.



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