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From Phil Kulak <>
Subject Trouble mapping a fault to my own exception
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 21:17:15 GMT
Here's what I'm getting over the wire:

   <faultstring>MemberKey not found</faultstring>
    <NS1:EInvalidMembidException xmlns:NS1="urn:InitEvalClasses"

and here's my attempt to map that to my own exception:

ServiceFactory serviceFactory = ServiceFactory.newInstance();
service = serviceFactory.createService(new QName(uri, serviceName));

TypeMappingRegistry registry = service.getTypeMappingRegistry();
TypeMapping map = registry.getDefaultTypeMapping();

QName q = new QName("urn:InitEvalClasses", "EInvalidMembidException");
map.register(InvalidMemberIdException.class, q,
	new BeanSerializerFactory(InvalidMemberIdException.class, q),
	new BeanDeserializerFactory(InvalidMemberIdException.class, q));

The documentation surrounding this kind of thing is a bit sparse and I
have no idea if I'm even aproaching this from the right angle. Can
anyone help me out? Thanks!

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