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From Peter <>
Subject Re: New to webservices, code generation and work flow? (long)
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 18:56:25 GMT

You raise some excellent points here that I've thinking about:

> Yup - the thing to avoid is letting the generated WS object model leak into
> your server implementation.  You definitly want to put a conceptual boundary
> between your web services data marshaling layer and your internal
> implementation.  Imagine the problems you would have when you go to
> version/tweak the WSDL and generate a possibly breaking change or a
> namespace change that creates a new parallel set of objects.  After a few
> tweaks those generated objects can become a real pain.  If you are keeping
> your internal object model clean and separate and what you have is an object
> model to object model translation.  It very "easy" to do but it ain't that
> fun and you may weant to consider thunking to the XML request stream and
> parsing, mapping directly into your internal object model.  I'm one of the
> crazy people that think this is actually easier - especially with the latest
> XML pull parsers.  There is some interesting thinking popping up about handy
> tooling that layers ontop of XML that is not a statically mapped object
> model.

The generated domain objects from WSDL2Java are certainly not very
pretty, I think it's a bit of a shame, this polluting of the domain
objects, contrasting something like Hibernate that almost
transparently takes care of persisting beans. (This is another concern
down the road, persisting these generated domain objects with
something like Hibernate).

It seems at this stage going with an internal domain object to web
services domain object translation layer/bridge is the way to go. It
seems I will have to do this in anyways since the  .NET team insists
on generating wsdl/xsd from their domain objects (which results in all
kinds of funky names which I'll have to use as a result of the reverse
process with wsdl2java).

I am curious what others do....

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