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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Versioning of Web Services
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 11:46:27 GMT
A few recommendations:

- I suggest making WSDL operations immutable. If you need to make a
significant change to the operation, simply create a new one rather
than changing the old one. If you can convert old message formats to
new message formats (and vice versa) using default values, then deploy
an intermediary (either as a proxy or as a handler) that transforms
the incoming old messages to the new format and redirect to the new
operation and transform outgoing new messages to the old format.

- XML Schema supports extensibility, although there are limits. See
this excellent article [1] by Dave Orchard for a detailed explanation.
Keep in mind, though, that programming languages like Java aren't
nearly as extensible as XML Schema, and they don't take well to new
elements and types popping up unexpectedly.



On 8/17/05, James Wilson <> wrote:
> Does anyone have any good resources you can direct me to regarding versioning of
> web services?  What strategies are recommended in the schema? What about changes
> in the WSDL messages and port bindings that effect the clients?
>  -- deprecation of methods?
>  -- deployment strategies?
> I appreciate any links you can send my way!
> Thanks,
> -James

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