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Subject RE: an Axis faq, and a few questions about a simple ws
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 15:13:48 GMT

I'm just learning Axis for client-side, also, but I'm using JMS transport
instead of HTTP so I'm not sure how similar our setups are.  However, if
you look at the user-guide.html that is in the /docs folder of the Axis
1.2.1 download, it gives an example of configuring the Call object--I
believe the "Configuring Client Handlers" page you mention is referring to
these settings.  (See the section titled "Consuming Web Services with

To summarize, you will want to set in your Call object:
targetEndpointAddress, operationName, returnType, and any call parameters.

I hope this helps you--good luck!


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Ok, [rolls up sleeves] perhaps I'll get more help with this
if I edit the official wiki rather than my own wiki. :) I
edited the following pages:

Also a small '''XXX''' added to

Can someone please help me fill-in that WritingYourClient one
better? Specifically, I'm looking for that information asked
about in my original post (also quoted below). I think it would
really make it easier for newcomers to Axis to get started.


> >
> > Finally, the official Axis doc on clients:
> >
> > mentions that you can configure your Call object (saying
> > that the org.apache.axis.client.Call class implements
> > the javax.xml.rpc.Call interface). I see that my
> > file has a createCall() method.
> > Am I supposed to be using that for my simple web app?
> >
> > Any help is most appreciated. :)
> >
> > ---John
> >
> >
> >

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