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Subject RE: Creating Webservice on WSAD 5.1
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:02:44 GMT
Thanks a lot Mick.

You said you only experienced slower transaction .. how did you develop 
and deploy your application then?  If you have any instructions that I can 
follow, please let me know. 

I need to use WAS 5.1 with Axis 1.2,  you think this combination would 

I tried to use Axis 1.2 with WSAD 5.1  and experienced the error in my 
earlier mail..  I did not use webservices.jar. 

Your help is highly appreciated!

"Mick Knutson" <>
08/15/2005 05:50 PM
Please respond to axis-user

        Subject:        RE: Creating Webservice on WSAD 5.1

NO. The only way, as per IBM support is to use was webservices.jar which 
contains Jaxrpc, axis 1.1 classes and a massive ton of extra classes 
to be used for performace increases, but I disagree as I only exsperienced 

slower transaction.

Now, if you DELETE webservice.jar, IBM will _NOT_ honor support for was, 
then Axis 1.2 will work then.

>Subject: Creating Webservice on WSAD 5.1
>Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 16:16:03 -0400
>I need to know if I can use WSAD 5.1 to develope an webservice using AXIS
>and test the web service using Websphere Test Environment ..   your help
>is highly appreciated!  I get many tutorials that explain how to run axis
>inside WSAD but could not find one which shows me how to build and deploy
>a web service using axis on WSAD.
>I ran the following  ANT task to create the java and WSDD  and then try 
>run the admin  client from the command prompt  and deploy  using
>deploy.wsdd   and getting the following error
>Processing file deploy.wsdd
>Exception: AxisFault
>  faultCode: 
>  faultSubcode:
>  faultString: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
>  faultActor:
>  faultNode:
>  faultDetail:
>         {}hostname:WCOLW04F0RMX41
>I am not able to get much help out of this error..
>    <wsdl2java 
>                output="${build.dir}/work"
>                deployscope="session"
>                serverSide="yes"
>                skeletonDeploy="yes"
>                noimports="no"
>                verbose="no"
>                typeMappingVersion="1.1"
>                testcase="no">
>         <mapping namespace="urn:AddressFetcher2" 
>     </wsdl2java>
>Your help is highly appreciated!

Thank You
Mick Knutson

Sr. Java/J2EE Consultant
BASE logic, inc.
(415) 648-1804 (S.F., CA)

HP Consulting Services (Walnut Creek, CA)

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