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From "John, Anil" <>
Subject RE: Field with second letter capitalized problem
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:12:04 GMT
Which version of the Systinet registry are you using? The UDDI 2.0
compliant one or the newer UDDI 3.0 compliant one?
Instead of directly generating the client side stubs from the UDDI
wsdl's, have you considered using the UDDI4J Library @ ?
I do not know what their status RE: UDDI v3.0 support is right now,
since that spec was approved relatively recently, but they do have full
support for a UDDI v.2.0 compliant server.
- Anil


From: Mike Pilone [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:21 PM
Subject: Field with second letter capitalized problem

Hello all,


I am attempting to use Axis 1.2.1 to generate a client stub to the
Systinet UDDI registry. For most of the API I used the OASIS WSDLs and
WSDL2Java. Aside from some minor problems, it appeared to work.


However now that I am using the client stub, I am running into a
problem. UDDI defines the type tModel in the schema. There are many
operations that return tModels. For example, in a Taxonomy object, there
is a tModel. What this means is that Axis is generating a Taxonomy class
that looks like:




            public void setTModel(...) { ... }

            public TModel getTModel() { ... }




The problem comes when a response message comes back from the UDDI
server in which the tModel element is '<tModel>'. The BeanDeserializer
on the client side is throwing an exception that the tModel element was
unexpected. After stepping through the code, I found that the tModel
property in Taxonomy is getting returned as TModel by bean
introspection, therefore not matching the element with name 'tModel'.
Looking at the JavaBeans spec, the introspection and property name are


Is there some way around this with Axis? It seems like a major problem,
since and field with a second capital letter will not match the XML
elements defined in the schema because of bean introspection. Note that
this is the standard UDDI WSDL. I'm a bit worried that Axis can't
properly talk to UDDI, one of the leading technologies in web service
registration and discovery.


Thanks for any help,





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