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From "Dino Chiesa" <>
Subject RE: an Axis faq, and a few questions about a simple ws
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 17:43:57 GMT
Why don't you add it to the existing AXIS Wiki? 


From: John M. Gabriele []
Sent: Tue 8/2/2005 12:40 PM
Subject: an Axis faq, and a few questions about a simple ws

I've just begun learning about web services and Axis (1.2.1),
and wrote a small faq:

Please have a look, and let me know where I can clarify
and/or correct.

As an aside to the faq, I need to write a simple web service
which allows clients to upload a jpeg to a server and exchange
some text about it, and I'm hoping that you folks can help answer
a few remaining questions I have (also so I can update the faq):

I created my simple web service (call it, say, "Bing.jws") and
dropped it into my Tomcat webapps/axis folder. Now I want to
write a client for it. (I'm hoping I don't have to touch any
SOAP or WSDL.) I followed the steps shown in the
above-mentioned faq, and have four .java files now:

Am I supposed to edit any of these files? My hunch is "no" --
that I just use them from my own client code.

I've seen other supposedly-autogenerated files referred to
in tutorials and messages on this list.

>From Jan on this list:

and from the November 2004 DDJ article:

Did those 6 files used to be generated by an older version
of Axis?

Is there another way of generating these files besides using
the WSDL2Java program?

Do I need to generate any of these extra classes just to
write a simple web app + client?

I've found that the CWS Watch article: most closely details what
I'm getting here on my end using WSDL2Java. Is this article
(rather than the DDJ one) the one to follow?

Finally, the official Axis doc on clients:
mentions that you can configure your Call object (saying
that the org.apache.axis.client.Call class implements
the javax.xml.rpc.Call interface). I see that my file has a createCall() method.
Am I supposed to be using that for my simple web app?

Any help is most appreciated. :)


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