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From Axis User <>
Subject reading large attachments
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 14:14:44 GMT
First some info...
Platform: Axis 1.2.1, Java 1.5.0_04-b05, Linux

Aim: to send a zip file attached to a SOAP message and save it to a
directory. Zip files will on average be around 50Mb.

//On the client side I add attachments as below:

DataHandler handler = new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(file));

//server side retrieval
MessageContext msgContext = MessageContext.getCurrentContext();
Message requestMessage = msgContext.getRequestMessage();
int numAttachments = requestMessage.getAttachmentsImpl().getAttachmentCount();

The problem seems to be to me that my service method is being invoked
before the entire attachment has been transferred hence numAttachments
== 0 even though the client always sends an attachment. Is there a way
to determine that the entire message has been received before querying
the number of attachments? In this case the attachments are ~45mb


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