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From "Clark Dorman" <>
Subject Client / server separation in WSDL2Java
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 19:53:27 GMT
I am using axis on both the client and server side, but I am having a
problem with the relationship between them.  In particular, I want to
separate out the code but WSDL2Java puts them in the same directory and
the namespaces are off.  I use ant as my builder.  Here's the


  + src

       + client

      -- this is going to call the service

       + server

        -- This is an object that gets passed over
the service

      -- Service interface.  This is what I
want exposed.


When I run Java2WSDL, I get a WidgetPrice.wsdl in the server directory.
That's fine.  The problem is how to run WSDL2Java.  What I want to get
deploy.wsdd and WidgetPriceSoapBindingImpl in the _server_ directory and
get WidgetPriceService, WidgetPriceServiceLocation,
WidgetPriceSoapBindingStub in the _client_ directory.


It looks like all the examples mix up the client and server, and also
tend to copy everything out into a work directory.  I would really like
to be able to do it in-place.  This is because of CVS (need to be able
to check it all in) and because it is part of a much larger project, so
I really don't want to have to temporarily copy everything over
someplace else.


The other problem is what happens to Widget during this process.
WSDL2Java adds a lot of code to it.  If I then have to run Java2WSDL, it
breaks on the generated code within  








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