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From Ben Gill <>
Subject Re: Auto WSDL Generation Problem
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 18:13:57 GMT
To be more concise, can anyone explain why I can access my Web
service, but not get Axis to autogen the WSDL? and receive error:

AXIS error

Could not generate WSDL!

There is no SOAP service at this location

and not get any errors in my log file either....?

I have published a server-config.wsdd file as:

<deployment xmlns=""

 <service name="EmployeeService" provider="java:RPC">
  <parameter name="className" value=""/>
  <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="testEmployeeService
updateEmployee loadEmployeesByFirstName"/>
  <beanMapping qname="myNS:Employee" xmlns:myNS="urn:EmployeeService"
  <beanMapping qname="myNS:EmployeeList"
    Axis supports scoping service objects (the actual Java objects
which implement
    your methods) three ways. "Request" scope, the default, will
create a new object
    each time a SOAP request comes in for your service. "Application"
scope will
    create a singleton shared object to service all requests.
"Session" scope will
    create a new object for each session-enabled client who accesses
your service.
  <parameter name="scope" value="Session"/>


deployed into my WEB-INF dir... 

could it be something todo with the fact that I am using JAX-RPC?

On 12/08/05, Ben Gill <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure if the Axis 1.2 and Java 1.5 go well together or not but
> I am trying to get things working...
> I have validated the axishappy.jsp is fine..    but when I access
> /myapp/services I can see my published service and the exposed methods
> on it...  I can even call it fine by my Java client and it works!!
> But when I click on the wsdl link I get error message:
> AXIS error
> Could not generate WSDL!
> There is no SOAP service at this location
> But I have registered all the servlets etc.. in my web.xml..
>  <servlet>
>    <servlet-name>AxisServlet</servlet-name>
>    <display-name>Apache-Axis Servlet</display-name>
>    <servlet-class>
>        org.apache.axis.transport.http.AxisServlet
>    </servlet-class>
>  </servlet>
>  <servlet>
>    <servlet-name>AdminServlet</servlet-name>
>    <display-name>Axis Admin Servlet</display-name>
>    <servlet-class>
>        org.apache.axis.transport.http.AdminServlet
>    </servlet-class>
>    <load-on-startup>100</load-on-startup>
>  </servlet>
>  <servlet>
>    <servlet-name>SOAPMonitorService</servlet-name>
>    <display-name>SOAPMonitorService</display-name>
>    <servlet-class>
>        org.apache.axis.monitor.SOAPMonitorService
>    </servlet-class>
>    <init-param>
>      <param-name>SOAPMonitorPort</param-name>
>      <param-value>5001</param-value>
>    </init-param>
>    <load-on-startup>100</load-on-startup>
>  </servlet>
> Does anyone know what is wrong?  I have searched the docs + mailing
> lists but cannot find anything!!   I have seen it working once (ie.
> the WSDL link), but I dont know why it is not working any more?
> Can anyone help?

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