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From jayachandra <>
Subject [Axis2]Unable to delete files generated by WSDL2Java
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:48:05 GMT
When I ran wsdl2java on SimpleTest.wsdl with default xmlbeans
databinding in place. I specified output directory for files as a
folder named 'generatedFiles' and gave 'myfiles' as the package name.
I got the files generated into generateFiles/myfiles directory. Apart
from that I also got generatedFiles/schema named directory created.
When done with the testing, I wished to delete all the contents of
generatedFiles direcotry. But this schema directory and subdirectories
are annoyingly remaininng and system says some program might be using
them. But there aren't any programs open at all. Is it because that
the program generated these files user doesn't have permissions to
delete it.
Can someone help me, this folder is annoying me terribly for two days.

-- Jaya

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