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From Tom Ziemer <>
Subject Re: reading large attachments
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 10:02:58 GMT

I cannot confirm this, but my use case is slightly different. I have a 
server, that always sends exactly one attachment. During testing we have 
setup a cluster of multiple machines to access this server 
simultaneously and request binary data (which was sent as an 
attachment). The attachmentCount was always 1, as expected.


Axis User wrote:
> Hi,
> Further investigation has shown that the attachments are not in fact
> lost but appear in a different SOAP message! e.g. if 30 clients send
> an attachment one message will return getAttachmentCount() == 30 and
> the other 29 messages return getAttachmentCount() == 0.
> I have found this problem also to occur with reasonably small
> attachments (i.e. 4k)
> This looks like a bug - can anyone comment?
> M
> On 8/1/05, Axis User <> wrote:
>>Hi Tom,
>>Thanks for your reply. Further to my last mail I should say that
>>sending large attachments sequentially works fine. The problem for me
>>arises when I have multiple clients sending in parallel (i.e.
>>concurrent invocation of the service method) - sometimes
>>getAttachmentCount() returns 0 other times it works fine (with your
>>code fragment it becomes a NoSuchElement exception thrown
>>Have you encountered or tested this situation before?
>>Does anyone know if Axis supports writing multiple attachments at the same time?
>>On 8/1/05, Tom Ziemer <> wrote:
>>>try this:
>>>        DataHandler dh = null;
>>>         Message m = context.getCurrentMessage();
>>>"[client]: Found attachments: "+m.countAttachments());
>>>         Iterator it = m.getAttachments();
>>>         while(it.hasNext())
>>>         {
>>>             AttachmentPart ap = (AttachmentPart);
>>>             dh = ap.getDataHandler();
>>>            ...
>>>         }
>>>I am using Axis 1.3 (CVS) and can send (Server->Client) large files (up
>>>to 1.2GB) without a problem.
>>>Hope this helps,
>>>Axis User wrote:
>>>>First some info...
>>>>Platform: Axis 1.2.1, Java 1.5.0_04-b05, Linux
>>>>Aim: to send a zip file attached to a SOAP message and save it to a
>>>>directory. Zip files will on average be around 50Mb.
>>>>//On the client side I add attachments as below:
>>>>DataHandler handler = new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(file));
>>>>//server side retrieval
>>>>MessageContext msgContext = MessageContext.getCurrentContext();
>>>>Message requestMessage = msgContext.getRequestMessage();
>>>>int numAttachments = requestMessage.getAttachmentsImpl().getAttachmentCount();
>>>>The problem seems to be to me that my service method is being invoked
>>>>before the entire attachment has been transferred hence numAttachments
>>>>== 0 even though the client always sends an attachment. Is there a way
>>>>to determine that the entire message has been received before querying
>>>>the number of attachments? In this case the attachments are ~45mb

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