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Subject NullPointerException when DateTime = nil
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 15:56:43 GMT

I am exposing a service (document/literal - Axis 1.2.1) which receives an
object with two datetime fields. I have pasted part of that function
PHP's PEAR::SOAP (with some adjustments to allow for doc/lit) is used to
invoke this service.

The relevant part which goes over the wire is this:

<ns4:in0 xsi:type="ns4:EventListRequest">
<cidn xsi:nil="true"/>
<location xsi:nil="true"/>
<production xsi:nil="true"/>
<startDate xsi:nil="true"/>
<endDate xsi:nil="true"/></ns4:in0>

This invocation creates a NullPointerException:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at nl.aub.ticketservice.Service.eventList(Unknown Source)

But the function itself does not log anything and does not seem to get
invoked at all. Which I fail to understand. Can someone shine any light on

Kind Regards,

B. de Bruin

======== FUNCTION ==========

public EventListResponse[] eventList(EventListRequest eventListRequest)
			throws TicketServiceException {

log.debug("reached eventList");

			// Filter based on input
			if (eventListRequest.getCidn() != null &&
				events.add(Expression.eq("cidn", eventListRequest.getCidn()));

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