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From Legido Martínez, Isidoro <>
Subject Problems with mustUnderstand (client side)
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 10:23:36 GMT


I'm using AXIS 1.2.1 and I encounter the following problem: I have a WS which SENDS a WS-Security
header (using WSS4J) but it DOES NOT expect a WS-Security header in the request and I have
a client which calls that WS. 


What I see is that the WS builds the expected SOAP message with the right answer and the proper
WS-Security in the header, but BEFORE it sends it, it performs a last check (MustUnderstandChecker),
finding a Header (WS-Security) that is not marked as processed, so instead sending the SOAP
message it returns a SOAP fault: Did not understand 'MustUnderstand' header(s). 


So, it seems that the CLIENT must sends a list with all the headers it can understand, so
the SERVER can send it being sure that the CLIENT will understand it. Is that true? If my
interpretation is right, how do I set in the client side that I understand the WS-Security


Thanks a lot,




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