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From "Brett" <>
Subject DIME Uploads
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:03:07 GMT


I am using Axis 1.2.1 to upload DIME attachments (PDF docs) to an Asp.Net
Web Service with WSE2. For small attachments (less than 1 MB) the file
upload works fine. When the size increases to over 1 MB the Microsoft Web
Services Extension throws an error. I am aware that maxRequestLength for
httpRuntime and messaging in the web.config file need to be properly set for
large attachments. However the error I get indicates that DIME records are
out of sequence. The error message is as follows:


HTTP/ASMX Message Receive Failure:
Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeFormatException: WSE309: The Type_T of the
middle record chunk must not be 0 (Type_T=Unchanged).

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeRecord.CheckValid(String type, String
id, TypeFormat typeFormat)

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeRecord.ReadHeader()

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeRecord.ReadBody(Byte[] buffer, Int32
offset, Int32 count)

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32
offset, Int32 count)

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.StreamHelper.BinaryCopy(Stream from, Stream
to, Int32 bufferSize)

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.StreamHelper.BinaryCopy(Stream from, Stream

   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeAttachmentCollection..ctor(DimeReader

Messaging.ISoapFormatter.Deserialize(Stream stream)

verMessage message)


The Web Service is clearly not expecting a 0 length record.


When I look at the packets that come into the server from the uploading
client during the failing sequence I see the following:


- HTTP Request with the last chunk of the PDF file

- HTTP Request with six bytes of zero from the client

- TCP acknowledgement from the server

- HTTP Reply from server 400 Bad Request


A successful DIME upload has this sequence:


- HTTP Request with the last chunk of the PDF file 

- TCP acknowledgement from the server

- HTTP Request with six bytes of zero from the client

- HTTP Reply from server 200 OK


It seems as though Axis is sending an out of sequence request when the DIME
attachment fails. It is worthwhile noting that all the data uploads to the
server (even for files as large as 11 MB) it is the termination sequence
that is problematic. 


Thanks for any help,






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