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Subject RE: AW: Axis on IBM websphere5.0
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 18:30:34 GMT
Just to clarify--

We have not removed a "webservices.jar" file or made any modifications to our WebSphere install.
 You haven't described what problems you ran into; perhaps one of the circumstances of my
setup is protecting us from the error--the fact that we don't use HTTP/HTTPS, or that we are
not hosting any services but merely running clients, or the custom transport layer that I
wrote and plugged in (to give us the JMS support we needed).

I'm certainly not saying that the knowledge you have gained is not a good warning for others,
but it appears that in some circumstances, Axis 1.2.1 can be used on WebSphere 5.1.

Meghan Pietila
Granite Consulting

>>>Original messages below:
>From on 08/17/2005 at 01:24 PM CST:

Yes, removing webservices.jar DOES work.

You CTO my skin you alive when the boat load of money you spent on WAS is 
lost as IBM will void all warrenty and support by deleting this jar. THUS, 
you might as well go with JBoss in that case... :-)

Thank You
Mick Knutson

Sr. Java/J2EE Consultant
BASE logic, inc.
(415) 648-1804 (S.F., CA)

HP Consulting Services (Walnut Creek, CA)

>Subject: RE: AW: Axis on IBM websphere5.0
>Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 16:29:45 +0000
>I, also am running Axis 1.2.1 on WebSphere 5.1.
>In my case, however, we're using a custom transport for JMS because the 
>existing one didn't support our needs--so if there are conflicts with the 
>HTTP/HTTPS handling, I wouldn't run into them.
>WSDL2Java generation worked great once I got the WSAD jars off my 
>classpath... (I was fooled for several days because I didn't realize I was 
>generating the old classes from the WSAD built-in WSDL2Java code).
>I am also running only as a client, and not a service, so it's possible 
>I've managed to avoid some problems that way.
>The marshalling/unmarshalling for rpc-encoded xml seems to be working 
>wonderfully, though, and that's the piece I really wanted Axis for, since 
>JAXB 1.5 cannot read the Siebel-generated WSDL I have, and can't handle 
>rpc-encoded services anyway (at least, from what I've been able to learn).  
>XMLBeans reads the WSDL, but also can't seem to handle the rpc-encoded 
>messages (at least, not without me hand-creating some schemas for the 
>message elements).
>Meghan Pietila
>Granite Consulting

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