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Subject Re: stumped on deserializer problem
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 14:11:28 GMT
Sounds great, Thad!  I'm currently stuggling with the custom (de)serialization-within-custom-(de)serialization
problem, so I'll appreciate your writeup if I don't get it working first!

Meghan Pietila
Granite Consulting

On Tuesday 08 August 2005 17:49, wrote:
>Bingo!  I've cracked the custom (de)serialization for my classes.  Moreover, 
>I've managed to figure out custom (de)serialization for a class when it 
>contains members that also require custom (de)serialization.  

>The later case was difficult because the exception I was getting in my 
>real-world problem didn't point to the source of the error.  To solve this, I 
>created a simplified set of classes and (de)serializer.  This pointed me 
>straight to the problem.  I intend to write the axis-dev folks and offer a 
>write-up and my example for the user's manual.

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