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From John Prout <>
Subject Re: gSOAP, DIME, Axis
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 20:46:28 GMT
I am using Axis to implement a web service receiving DIME attachments
from a MS .NET client, and can vouch for that configuration working.

I have no experience with gSOAP, but I think you're right - that's
where your problem is.


On 7/11/05, Anand Uday <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to create a Axis service and gSOAP client, where the Axis will sending
> binary attachments to gSOAP client. I have kind of hit road block in my attempt to do
> so. Therefore I wanted to see if any of you have done this before, if you have will you
> be willing to give some pointers to me, especially on the gSOAP client side, since the
> documentation is really poor. I am using attachmentPart of the Axis API and I think
> that does works as I have the responses in the tcpmonitor.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated I have done a very through search on Axis mailing
> list as well as gSOAP mailing list with no luck. The typical response is we have done
> it but how? not documented or discussed.
> thanks
> Uday

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