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Subject Re: Passing an xml string as a parameter
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 19:27:54 GMT
Functionally, it works fine.  Is it an OK way to do things?  Depends on 
who you talk to.  I'm supporting a couple of different web services that 
use this technique.

To repeat the obvious, XML is a way of representing arbitrary structured 
data in a machine-independent manner.  For those services which have to 
accept this sort of data and can afford the parsing overhead, using XML 
avoids the all-too-usual format misunderstandings and also permits later 
functional expansion.  XML is also transport neutral.  Should the 
"middleware du jour" change for a different customer, at least we won't 
have to change input parsing and output generation.

"Miller, Janet" <> 
07/08/2005 02:14 PM
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Passing an xml string as a parameter

I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.  I am going to
access another company's web service and the input parameter to the web
service is an xml string that represents a query request for data.  The
response that I get back is also an xml string. So, instead of passing
multiple parameters, we are just passing on xml string parameter.  So I
guess the soap packet would be xml within xml which seems kind of odd.

I guess it will probably work, but is this an ok way to do things?  Just
curious about people's thoughts on something like this.



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