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From Jim Solderitsch <>
Subject [Axis2] Enabling REST client support disables "Dual" clients?
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 19:02:14 GMT
I would like confirmation that what I am seeing is known behavior.

I was running through the Axis2 User Guide and decided to explore the  
various client mechanisms.

I saw that the build.xml file in the samples directory did not  
support testing the REST client.

So I added a target for this client, changed the build dependencies  
so that a default invocation of ant runs all of the targets, enabled  
REST support in the axis2.xml config file and stopped and started my  
servlet container: tomcat 5.0.25.

When I then run ant, the testEchoBlockingDual target hangs.

When I disable REST support, this target completes as expected.

The REST client test does complete as expected when REST is enabled  
in axis2.xml.

Is support for addressing -- needed by the Dual client -- in conflict  
with REST support? Is this a current limitation or will it be  
corrected in a future milestone or final release?


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