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From Magnus Karlsson <>
Subject Long response times when using IP-adress in endpoint string
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 11:07:20 GMT

I got a strange behaviour of my client to web service communication. 
I've made just an "echo"-service running in application mode that 
returns the string that it was called with (i.e public String echo ( 
String echoString ) { return echoString; }.

I call the method from the (fat) client using something like this:

        String endpoint = "http://localhost:/axis/services/echo";
        Service  service = new Service();
        Call     call    = (Call) service.createCall();
        call.setTargetEndpointAddress( new );
        call.setOperationName( "echo" ));
        String ret = (String) call.invoke( new Object[] { "Hello!" } );
        System.out.println("Sent 'Hello!', got '" + ret + "'");

When I use "localhost" ( does also work fine) in the the endpoint string everything
is tremendously fast,
but when I use the IP adress of the machine "" the response
time about 7-9 seconds! 

What could be the reason for this increase?

I am running Axis on Tomcat 5.5 in Fedora core 4 with firewall switched off. Maybe Axis is
recognising that
the request/response does not need to be sent on the network, or maybe Linux does it.

Any clues or ideas are more than welcome.


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