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From Bjørn Magnus Mathisen <>
Subject Re: Axis and Applet coexistence?
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 09:53:02 GMT
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firstly i have two questions, what is "Job Console" and how does one
sign a applet?

On another note, im working on this from a different angle, im going
to hack
org.apache.axis.components.logger.LogFactory to not do a "doPrivileged"
and also hack it to simply return a fake implementation of
org.apache.commons.logging.Log, just in
case Log actually needs the doPrivileged thing.

as many of you will notice, i have no clue about privileged actions or
why they are used,
but this is not my main target, i am simply trying to get this to work
so that i can test
something else:)

Bjørn Magnus Mathisen
Telenor ASA R&D

Luis Rivera wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, now I found out that I had a bad certificate and a bad
> configuration or instalation of the Job Console. After generating a
> new certificate and reinstalling my browser I found out that
> signing the applet and using the All Permited Seucrity Manager
> allows it to work "without the custom security policy file". You
> still need to security manager, which is not exactly good and I am
> still hoping that this temporal solutions is acceptable for the
> clients of out WS.
> Still, I am going to rebuild axis to see if I can get rid of the
> logger dependencies that create so much problems for applets. Of
> course, if somebody knows an easier way or a shortcut, let me know
> :).
> --Luis R.
>> From: Bjørn Magnus Mathisen <> Reply-To:
>> To: Subject: Re:
>> Axis and Applet coexistence? Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 12:34:38
>> +0200

> hi
> i'm currently working on a project heading in the same direction; a
> applet running axis-osgi client SOAP calls. i would be really
> interested in a source patch or something alike, if you get this
> working :)
> regards Bjørn Magnus Mathisen Telenor ASA R&D
> Luis Rivera wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply. I actually did. Using the allow all custom
>> security manager that only overrides those two methods work fine
>> when the applet is allowed to set a new security manager. But
>> that's the problem, to allow the applet to do this I still have
>> to add a couple of lines to the policy file or use a new one that
>> has those permissions and is loaded when the applet is loaded
>> too.
>> I know that should not be a problem if I had complete control of
>> what I can install and modify in the client. But in our case, I
>> have been told that's a no no, I have to make and break axis to
>> let it work in the sandbox What I don't understand is why not to
>> alow an option in axis to prevent it from doing things like
>> createClassLoader and that kind of stuff that is just prohibited
>> in an applet. It works beautifully outside of the applet, no
>> problem (ok, after loading and deploying the right stuff in the
>> right place).
>> Now I have to make it work in an applet, because the alternative
>> cost $2000 bucks per client, so I have to make it work. If any of
>> you have any advise that will make my task easier, I will
>> greatly appreciate it :).
>> Thanks again, --Luis R.
>>> From: "Baker, Jay" <> Reply-To:
>>> To: <> Subject:
>>> RE: Axis and Applet coexistence? Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005
>>> 16:43:48 -0500
>>> Yeah, I don't think the sandbox is going to go for that. I'm
>>> pretty sure that you can't give a policy file to your client in
>>> an applet.
>>> Did you override #checkPermission (both methods - it is
>>> overloaded) with a no-op? That's what worked for us ... along
>>> with the signing of course.
>>> -----Original Message----- From: Luis Rivera
>>> [] Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005
>>> 4:04 PM To: Subject: RE: Axis and
>>> Applet coexistence?
>>> Hi,
>>> Well, it seems that with a custom security manager I still have
>>> the problem of having to modify the security policy file to
>>> allow the applet to use the new security manager. However, in
>>> my case I don't think I can go into each axis client's machine
>>> to install this new file.
>>> So, I want to ship it (custom policy file) with the cient jar
>>> file and if possible upload it along the applet when it is
>>> loaded by the browser. However I don't know how to do this, or
>>> even if it is possible. It is possible to pass the policy file
>>> as a parameters to the appletviewer, but how do you pass it
>>> when it is loaded by the browser each time the applet is
>>> loaded?
>>> Thansk in advance for any help, --Luis R.
>>>> From: "Baker, Jay" <> Reply-To:
>>>> To: <>
>>>> Subject: RE: Axis and Applet coexistence? Date: Mon, 11 Jul
>>>> 2005 17:24:50 -0500
>>>> That's what we did. We installed a custom security manager
>>>> that
>>> just grants
>>>> access to all. YOu might run into other issues, but the
>>>> sandbox
>>> end of
>>>> things should be solvable with this kind of an approach.
>>>> -----Original Message----- From: Luis Rivera
>>>> [] Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005
>>>> 5:21 PM To: Subject: Axis and Applet
>>>> coexistence?
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I have been reading the posts regarding applets and axis. It
>>>> looks
>>> like
>>>> there is a solution but I am not sure I understand how. I
>>>> have a
>>> signed
>>>> applet and I even unpacked all the library jars files into a
>>> single huge
>>>> jar file, which I signed and I am using to start the applet.
>>>> However, the LogFactory created by the Logging mechanisms is
>>>> breaking the
>>> applet ...
>>>> seems like I need to either hack the library or to use a new
>>>> security policy? ... would it be enough to use a custom
>>>> security manager?
>>>> Thanks in advance, --Luis R.
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