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From Ravi Krishnamurthy <>
Subject Re: document/literal webservice does not work good if the operation contains more than one parameter
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2005 16:44:59 GMT
Thanks Anne.


Anne Thomas Manes wrote:

>That's correct. That's the way SOAP is supposed to work. SOAP
>processes only the first child of the soap:Body. If you send multiple
>children, then either all children after the first child are ignored
>or they are treated as separate request invocations. (The spec isn't
>clear on this point, so results will vary based on the tool you're
>using.) The WS-I Basic Profile
>( clarifies this
>4.4.1 Bindings and Parts
>There are various interpretations about how many wsdl:part elements
>are permitted or required for document-literal and rpc-literal
>bindings and how they must be defined.
>R2201 A document-literal binding in a DESCRIPTION MUST, in each of its
>soapbind:body element(s), have at most one part listed in the parts
>attribute, if the parts attribute is specified.
>R2209 A wsdl:binding in a DESCRIPTION SHOULD bind every wsdl:part of a
>wsdl:message in the wsdl:portType to which it refers with a binding
>extension element.
>R2210 If a document-literal binding in a DESCRIPTION does not specify
>the parts attribute on a soapbind:body element, the corresponding
>abstract wsdl:message MUST define zero or one wsdl:parts.
>If you want to send multiple parameters, you must used wrapped
>doc/literal (or RPC style).
>On 7/9/05, Ravi Krishnamurthy <> wrote:
>>Created a simple java class called DocLit1 with the following method:
>>public String testString(String str1, String str2){
>>        System.out.println(" str 1 is " + str1);
>>        System.out.println(" str2 is " + str2);
>>        return str1 + str2;
>>    }
>>Deployed it as document/literal (NOT WRAPPED )
>>When the input values are {"str1", "str2") the response is str1null. On
>>further investigation found out that the second parameter is always null.
>>I have attached the WSDL and my client code( as dynamic
>>invocation) with this email. Would appreciate any pointers.
>>Even generated the stubs using the WSDL2JAVA and tried it but got the
>>same result. The client for the stub is

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