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From Leslie Tighe <>
Subject Re: Axis 1.2.1 to .NET Interoperability Question
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 17:49:43 GMT
Hi Anne,
On the .NET side, when I try to consume a complex object, all the attributes in that object
are empty.  For example, if try to call the getLogin() method which returns WSLogin, I get
an object with nothing in it. However, if I call the methods from the browser, its pulling
the correct data so I am thinking that there is problem in they way that I have things set
for .NET.
Any suggestions on what the problem maybe?

Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:
What problems are you experiencing?

On 7/18/05, Leslie Tighe wrote:
> Hello, 
> I have webservice created with Axis 1.2.1 and that I am trying to consuming
> in .NET (VB) using the Microsoft provided tools. While I am able to consume
> methods on the service that return simple type, I cannot consume methods
> that return complex objects. I have tried experimenting, with this, but am
> at a bit of loss on where the problem lies. When I call the services from a
> browser, I do get back the response that contains valid data. Any help on
> this would be greatly appreciated. I have attached supporting files. For
> the purpose of an example, I am using the getLogin method. 
> Thanks in advance. 
> Leslie
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