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From "Chathura Herath" <>
Subject RE: [axis 2]Questions on the development process using Axis 2.0
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:31:03 GMT
Hi Don,

If the documentation is blurred we need to fix it, but see my comments below
for each of your queries. 

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> From: Dong Liu []
> Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 10:17 PM
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> Subject: [axis 2]Questions on the development process using Axis 2.0
> Hi,
> I am confused about the development process when using Axis 2.0. As
> described in the user guide, the process will be
> 1. write the class interfaces using Java;
> 2. write the service.xml;
> 3. create the .aar achieve and deploy it;
> 4. generate the skeleton code based on the *WSDL* file;
> 5. implement the logic of services;
> 6. create *another achieve* again and deploy it;
> 7. write the client code in either a dynamic or a static fashion.
> My questions are
> 1. what is purpose of the first deployment using the achieve have only
> class interfaces and service.xml?

This is an sample with no data binding(Note it echo's the OMElement. This
was the sample we had for M2 where we didn't have databinding support) So if
the user want to be smart and do everyting manually that's the way to do it.
This example will tell you what are the must have's if you are to make it

> 2. where does the WSDL come from? It is hard for the developer to code
> it by hand.

You of course can write it by hand, the sample is based on the fact that you
start with the contract, which is the wsdl. But.. we have a tool that does
the java2wsdl part. Actually we use the Axis1 java2wsdl tool and I belive we
have a eclipse pluigin for that too. Am I right Ajith???

> 3. what is the relationship between the first aar and the second one?

No relationship.. The second one is a databound (a more comprehensive and
practical I would say) example that emphasize the axis2 data binding

In a nut shell we are not trying to invent a new development process. (But
we have our own deployment model, programming model too I would say..)


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