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From "Rajesh Nair" <>
Subject Generated stub class file exceeding the Java class file format specification limit
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 19:04:24 GMT

      I have a strange problem. I have a WSDL file. Using the wsdl file
I generated the bindings necessary for the client. The stub file that
was generated has a constructor whose code exceeds the Java class file
format specification limit of 65335 bytes. I can break up the code into
smaller methods. But then that will be modifying the stub code generated
by WSDL. I don't want to touch the generated code because the service
hasn't matured yet. So its possible that there may be some more changes
to the existing WSDL from time to time. And then again when I generate
the stubs I will have to make changes in the stub code and break up the
code into smaller methods. Is there a way internal to axis to handle
this. The constructor that gives me the problem is the constructor which
takes javax.xml.rpc.Service as an argument. The code inside the
constructor involves adding classes and their corresponding
Serialization and Deserialization factories to a cache. I am sure not
many people would have come across something like this. Its just that
the web service has 2 many classes to serialize and deserialize and
hence the problem. Any kind of people will be appreciated.




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