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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: FW: Reduce XML data transfer
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 00:53:59 GMT
This is a function of XML. You just have to deal with it. Your message
must include the full namespace URIs in the namespace declarations --
they are in fact defining aliases. These namespace declarations (e.g.,
xmlns:soapenv="") permit you
to specify "soapenv" rather than
"" later in the message.

There is no way to avoid it.

If these few extra bytes are a real problem for you, then you should
try using a binary protocol rather than an XML protocol. But I can't
think why this would be a real problem for you. Even a tiny device
shouldn't have an issue with the extra bytes (working on the
assumption that the device supports XML). Network bandwidth is now
vitually free.


On 6/16/05, Amihai Fuks <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently started to use SOAP and as I can see the XML response has
> a huge overhead. All I can see there are long tags that approximately
> make the response 100 times longer. Can I reduce tags like:
> <soapenv:Envelope
> xmlns:soapenv=""
> xmlns:xsd=""
> xmlns:xsi="">
> There must be a sort of way to alias these long tags.
> Amihai

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