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From "Ephemeris Lappis" <>
Subject RE: Example or tutorial for creating Doc/literal style webservices
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 04:56:12 GMT

If your EJB already exists, check first that the ejb itself, and all the
methods you want to expose handle types that are compliant with web services

- EJB is a stateless session
- data are serializable and not remote objects
- no collections (but arrays), no hashtables, etc...
- no inheritance trees
- etc.

I think a good way to expose an existing EJB (that has a complete and
complex business logic), is to create a new remote interface adapter, either
a simple remote or a stateless session endpoint interface, which translates
the interface and types, and delegates the execution to the original EJB. In
my opinion, this is better to separate the web service responsability from
the internal application business logic.

If your application server is J2EE 1.4 compliant, it should give you means
to automate the work. That's what i'm trying to do with JOnAS, that
internally relies on Axis. If you're interested in a JOnAS test example,
i've posted a full test project on the ObjectWeb JOnAS mailing list...

I don't know for the VB side. I've been working with .net, with c#, to test
my java/axis web services. The process is probably the same. When your
java/axis web service is deployed, just create a web reference in your .net
project, using the URL of your endpoint with a "?wsdl" query string. If .net
accepts your descriptor, it generates all the code for you, and you can
easily make a simple client to test it...

I hope this helps you.

Ephemeris Lappis

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  From: Leslie Tighe []
  Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 11:11 PM
  Subject: Example or tutorial for creating Doc/literal style webservices


  I am trying to expose some EJB components as web services for consumption
in a VB Script and .NET enviornment. I understand that I need to use the
doc/literal style of web service for this. Would any one have an examples or
tutorials that they can point me to on how I can create these services.  An
example of how to consume these in VB would be great as well.

  Thanks in advance.


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