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From "Ephemeris Lappis" <>
Subject RE: Webservice with XML input parameter
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 06:27:46 GMT
Doy you really need soap, end thus axis ?
Do you know you can invoke any kind of service over HTTP without axis or
soap, and also without xml.
If you need a lightweight protocol you can use xml-rpc...
In my opinion, jsp, or php, or any other kind of web scripting pages must
not handle application logic, and should always delegate it to a separate
layer. Beyond a more suitable design, this brings a lot of benefits, such as
unit testing facilities...
The good thing with soap and axis is precisely that you don't have to handle
xml translations and encodings, since these well specified operations can be
automated by tools and libraries. If these protocols don't meet your needs,
don't use them...
But i'm afraid you're going to work a lot...

Ephemeris Lappis

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  From: John Henry Xu []
  Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 8:28 PM
  Subject: Re: Webservice with XML input parameter

Hi Anne,To me, pass xml as a string input is very important. If I call a web
service from a JSP, PHP, ASPX or other client applications, I don't want
write functions inside these pages or client applications to parse the
string to xml dom.I rather like web service handle it. Besides, to parse a
xml string, I may not want use dom but sax. So I like web service taking xml
string as an option, just for convenience of applications.Jack H. Xu
Technology columnist and author

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  From: "Anne Thomas Manes"
  Subject: Re: Webservice with XML input parameter
  Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 07:31:25 -0400

  > Axis isn't really designed to work with XML strings particularly well.
  > It works with Java objects (RPC, Wrapped, and Document styles) and
  > with XML DOM (message style). I suggest you convert your strings to
  > DOM and use the messaging style. See the documentation.
  > Anne
  > On 6/9/05, Johan Kumps wrote:
  > > Hi all,
  > >
  > > I would like to deploy a webservice using Axis 1.2 with a
  > > XML-string as input parameter and a XML-string as return value.
  > >
  > > Can you point me in the right direction? Code sample?
  > >
  > > Thanks in advance,
  > >
  > > Kind regards,
  > >
  > > Johan Kumps
  > >
  > >
  > >

Jack H. Xu
Technology columnist and author

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