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From "Kiran Kumar" <>
Subject RE: BeanSerializer and WSDL
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 15:37:41 GMT
Hi, Apache Axis has its own BeanSerializer and BeanDeserializer. However Axis supports Castor
It is a 2 step process..
(1) One Define XSD 
(2) Import XSD in your WSDL : Ex- (stockQuote XSD is imported and refer that element in port
and message tags)
     <xsd:schema elementFormDefault="qualified"
          <import namespace=
             location="StockQuote.xsd" />
   <message name="getStockQuoteReq">
     <part name="parameters" element="types:getStockQuote" />
   <message name="getStockQuoteResp">
     <part name="parameters" element="types:getStockQuoteResponse" />
   <portType name="StockQuotePortType">
        <operation name="getStockQuote">
             <input message="tns:getStockQuoteReq" />
             <output message="tns:getStockQuoteResp" />
(3) Run WSDL2Java, which generates the VOs corresponding to the XSD types.. You will have
to populate these VOs in your service implementation.
Refer generated deploy.wsdd which defines the Bean Serializers.


From: Christoph Meier []
Sent: Thu 6/2/2005 10:22 AM
Subject: BeanSerializer and WSDL


We are developing a document style web service using AXIS. I know it is
possible to serialize java beans and send them with SOAP.

Is this Axis / Apache SOAP specific? How can I describe such a service
in a WSDL file (especially <types> part)?

What I have to mention: I don't have AXIS generated stubs at the client
side because I use a tool for web service orchestration
(, that has it's own SOAP engine and uses only the
WSDL file.

Is it only possible if I define the bean's XML schema in the WSDL file?

Thanks a lot for your help. I don't find much information on this topic
in the web.



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