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From "Wolters, Oliver">
Subject AXIS 1.2 and MS VB interop (arrays)
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 09:06:12 GMT
Hello All,

I'm new to the list and when I've searched the archive I''ve found a lot of stuff that seems
to be related to my problems. It would be nice if somebody could give me a hint where to look
exactly. Here's my problem: We have a system that is implemented in the CORBA Component Model
(CCM). The interfaces are defined in the CORBA Interface Definition Language (IDL). My task
is to write a gateway (facade pattern) for this system so that our customers have the ability
to write their own programs using the functionalty of our product. This facade should be accessible
from CORBA-Clients AND as Webservices. Therefore I've choosen the following approach: The
interfaces are defined in CORBA-IDL. Then the CORBA-Stubs are generated by Sun's IDL-compiler.
The interfaces are deployed as Webservices in AXIS (I've written my own Provider/SessionHandler
to make this work). Then I'm able to generate the WSDL for the services. All steps after writing
the CORBA-IDL are automated with ANT (generating the testcases inclusive). This works realy
fine but as one can see I didn't have the choice to start with the WSDL (or is there a tool
available that generates IDL-files from WSDL?). 

Now my problem: I've tested the webservices with the Microsoft Office XP Webservice Toolkit
2.0. So it's very easy to use the webservices in Excel. When I use AXIS 1.1 and RPC/encoded
everything worked fine. But last week we switched to AXIS 1.2 (yesterday to AXIS 1.2.1). Now
- when trying to generate the VB proxy-classes with RPC/encoded - the Toolkit tells me that
"No Webservice found!" (Sorry, no error messages provided from M$ only "no result"). When
I switched my services to style="wrapped" the proxy classes are generated. But all array types
are generated as single values. For example I have the following method:

 TDomain[] getUserDomainsByName( in string userName );

The VBA Proxy that is generated has the Method

 getUserDomainsByName(...) as struct_TDomain

and it should be

 getUserDomainsByName(...) as Variant

I'm sure that this is a known issue and I would be very appreciate if somebody could give
me a hint where to look for the solution.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dipl. Ing. Oliver Wolters
(Systementwickler Auftragsentwicklung)

ProCom Systemhaus und
Ingenieurunternehmen GmbH
Luisenstr. 41 - D-52070 Aachen

Tel. +49 241 51804-175
Fax +49 241 51804-30

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