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From Andrew Vardeman <>
Subject Re: Bug with Arrays as Return Types
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 15:48:58 GMT

I think I have a problem similar to yours.  I had an RPC service written in 
Java from which I generated WSDL that was consumed by a .NET client.  The 
client is in use, so I can't change the interface now.  Upgrading to Axis 
1.2 from 1.1 changes how arrays of Strings get returned to the .NET 
client--so I can't upgrade to Axis 1.2 without breaking the current system 
and making changes on the client.  Like you, I know I'm doing things 
somewhat backward (going from Java to WSDL rather than the other way 
around).  Is backward compatibility for this sort of scenario simply not a 
goal of Axis?  Can any developers comment?



***original message***

Hi Dims,

thanks for your answer. I think that there is already a bug report for this 
bug (if \
it's stil present). I'm not sure but maybe I'm doing something bad with my \
deployment. The problem is: The webservices I'm working on are generated from \
CORBA-IDL - not from a WSDL as I have explained in my mail "AXIS 1.2 and MS 
VB \
interop (arrays)" So the way it goes is CORBA-IDL -> idlj-> Java-Stubs -> 
deploy as \
WS -> generate WSDL -> generate Client-Stub.

The generated WSDL is (the "getUserDomainsByName"-Methode returning an 
Array of \
"TDomain" makes trouble):

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