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From Ravi Krishnamurthy <>
Subject custom type serializer and deserializer
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 23:13:40 GMT
I'm trying to understand how to write custom serializers and 
deserializers. So created a user type called and has a 
BookList as webservice that has a methods called getBookList that will 
return a List that can 2 elements of type Book.

pubic class BookList{

    public Vector getBookList(){



I wanted to serialize the to byte[] and then send that byte[] 
as xsd:hexBinary. So the BookSerializer converts the to byte[] 
to xsd:hexbinary and the BookDesrializer desrializes the xsd:hexbinary 
to byte[] to Book.
Interestingly, at the client side, the SOAP Message has 2 Books but the 
Vector that is deserialized from the client has only one Book. When I 
debugged the Deserializer, I do see that both the books byte[] has been 
converted to Book.

Not sure what  I'm doing  wrong.
Could someone give any suggestion.


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