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From "Chris Kelly" <>
Subject Re: generating wsdl documentation?
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 00:22:04 GMT
On 3 Jun 2005 at 11:59, Andy Kriger wrote:
> Is there a way to automatically generate web service documentation via
> Axis? For example, if my service class has javadocs - can those end up
> in the WSDL file as wsdl:document elements so that all the info is in
> one place? Or is there some other way to have document elements built
> automatically from the Java class that is used to auto-generate the

There might be a way, or there might be a tool to do this.

If not, you could write a javadoc doclet. One possible way might be to use a 
command line param with a file mapping between the WSDL files and the classes 
being documented. The doclet would iterate over each class to be documented. For 
each class it would load the associated WSDL file and insert doc elements into the 
WSDL then write out the modified WSDL. I think you'd do it like this:

methods[] = ClassDoc.methods()
foreach in methods
  look up name() in WSDL
  add commentText() as a doc element to WSDL operation matching 'name'

You could also define your own tags.

See also:
They're looking for new plugins for their product, so they might be interested in 
writing something.

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