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From Janos Mucsi <>
Subject RE: where to put server-config.wsdd
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 21:13:33 GMT
Hi Merten
Thanks for replying.
That's what I thought too. Does this conflict with the servlet specification which says that
web applications can only access for writing the directory provided by the container, not
WEB-INF or WEB-INF/attachments. See Servlet Specification 2.4 section SRV.3.7.1, where it
mentions "javax.servlet.context.tempdir"
Any thoughts?
Hi Janos,

thought about bundling server-config.wsdd in my .war too ... At the end
I decided NOT to do this, one reason was the
   <parameter name="attachments.Directory" value="...
setting, which is (it's a filepath) better to get created by Axis at
runtime if you do not know, where the Application Server is installed -
and that's the situation for me since I need to provide my web
application for a number of customers who will definitely have 
installation paths ...


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