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From "Yuval Goldstein" <>
Subject [ Byte arrays inside complex types doesnt translate well to SOAP]
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 06:26:27 GMT

Hi All,

Im working with the axis inside for jboss 3.2.5 and jdk 1.4 . I
noticed that when i expose an object method that receives a byte array,
the wsdl that is generated uses the xsd:Base64 type, which is great.
However, when i use a byte array inside an array of complex types (my
own), the wsdl teat my byte array as a sequence of bytes.

My method looks like: myMethod(MyComplexType[] objects)
where MyComplexType has a byte[] member.

This has a serious effect on the size of SOAP messages and performance
(especially when working with non-literal services) because each byte  is
wrapped by its out xml element (describing the element name).

I know how to work around this sproblem by using strings instead of byte
arrays and doing the bytes->string->bytes conversions by myself, but i
would like to inquire if there is a more elegant/standard way to represent
my byte array as the xsd:Base64 type.
Perhaps someone tried a similar scenario with Axis 1.2 ?


Best Regards,

Yuval Goldstein.

Best Regards,

Yuval Goldstein, CTO
2Train4 Ltd.
Cell #: 972-54-2050917

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