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Subject [Doc/literal] Extending objects not listed in WSDL
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 07:27:50 GMT

I am having a problem with extending objects when using the Doc/literal
style. This is my scenrio:

There is an Object A, and an Object B that extends A. My web service is
containing a method 

public A method(...) { return B } 

My problem now is that when using Doc/literal there will be no type
description listed for B in the WSDL file when deploying the web service.
However on the Client the invocation of this method will return an object of
type B which will be unknown as not listed in the WSDL file.

When I use rpc/encoding style everything works perfectly fine and Object B
type description finds it's way in the WSDL.

Anyone experienced the same thing ?

My guess is that Axis internally is only checking the method interfaces for
necessary types in the Doc/literal encoding while with the Rpc/encoded style
he also reflects the actually returned data objects.

Any comments appreciated,

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