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From "Kris Bradley" <>
Subject missing derived types from the auto generated wsdl
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 15:50:43 GMT

I began with a WSDL file that contained complex types that extended other 
types (derived classes).  The problem is that when I deploy this web 
service, Axis only includes the type information for the base types in the 
WSDL.  So, the concrete types are not present in the WSDL, which makes the 
service unusable to clients.  Is there a way to force Axis to include what 
was originally present in the WSDL and include these derived types?

FYI, I'm using the release version of Axis 1.2.  I wrote the WSDL by hand, 
then used <axis-wsdl2java> to generate the Java classes, etc.  I'm 
attempting to access this from a .NET client.  I tried returning the 
original WSDL file, using <wsdlFile> in the .wsdd, but that doesn't work, 

- Kris

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