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From Markus Kappeler <>
Subject Re: [AXIS2] receive multiple AsyncResult
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 10:30:37 GMT

 > I think you must have used the Call object.

 > So for me it seems that you have IN-multiple OUT scenario, which the 
simple Call object will not handle. For you to do this, you have to 
write your own message > receiver in the client side.
OK. I'll extend the Call class with my requirements. I'll have a look at 
the source code.

 >We are preparing some documentation on this. So please hang on with us 
till we come up with them.
Any timeschedule?

 >How do u feel like Axis2 ?
I spent only a few hours with AXIS2. My first impression is very good 
for a milestone release.
The client API is easy to use. But here some comments and feelings.
- The documentation is clear and not too much (or with other words the 
The API-Doc of the classes is mostly empty :-(.
The few and small examples in AXIS2 helped me.
- I tried to use only the packages org.apache.axis.clientapi.* and*.
The classes Correlator and Invoker confuse me. How should I get a 
AxisEngine or EngineRegistry. When do I need these classes
in client aspect of view.
- Call class
I missed the setProperty/getProperty (e.g. username/password).
Why must I set the second argument of the setListenerTransport? Latest 
when call.sendReceiveAsync it is clear that a separate listener
is used. The default of the transport should be the same as for the send.
- OM:
How can OMElements be added without a namespace?
How can set a character encoding? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-..." ?>
I missed a setEncodingStyle method in the SOAPBody class.
When a SOAPHeader is empty I would not send it; only envelope with a 
body (keep the amount of data as small as possible...).
- minor
I miss a wsdl2java for axis2.
Set the User-Agent in the HTTP Requests.
What is with javax.xml.rpc?

Small, fast.
No web container needed for server part. No deployment scrips or classes.
It comes with a lot of examples.
Supports HTTP1.1 (keep-alive). Why not in AXIS2?
Good wsdl2h and soapcpp2 compiler.
Interop with AXIS2 seems to work so far.

These are only my personal comments and impressions with AXIS2 so far. 
(You asked me ;-) ).


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