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From wsdl nerd <>
Subject Re: Problems using Java2WSDL
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 06:09:34 GMT
Hello Bill,
Your problem seems to be simple,

Just run the command with -p option from the parent
directory of the path in the -p option

Meaning, if the path is something like 
-p samples.userguide.example.example6
run the command from the parent directory of the
samples directory..
This should solve the problem..

--- Bill Price <> wrote:
> I am having trouble running the Java2WSDL example
> (example6) in the axis
> user guide. First, I had problems with the first
> option of the -p command. I
> changed the -p to --PkgtoNS and got past that.
> Now I am getting a ClassNotFoundException on the
> filename parameter (class
> of port-type). I have copied the command line as it
> appears in the user
> guide. I am using ant to invoke the Java2WSDL. The
> basedir is one level
> above the package root. I get the same error
> regardless of whether I use
> full path name to the file, the relative path name,
> or the package name.
> The file exists at the full path name that appears
> in the error message.
> This is a snippet of the ant build file with the
> Java2WSDL arguments:
> <arg line ="-o wp.wsdl -l
> http://localhost:8080/axis/services/WidgetPrice -n
> urn:Example6 --PkgtoNS samples.userguide.example6
> urn:Example6
> ${src}/samples.userguide.example6.WidgetPrice"/>
> Has anyone else encountered this problem or have any
> suggestions? TIA.

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