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From lio axis <>
Subject nillable element in complex complexType
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 13:39:39 GMT
Hello world,

I'm trying to modify a wsdl i publish as an interface contract 
for minor thongs (namespaces changed)
Thus, i'm modifying my wsdd binding my EJB. ... 
But i see complex type appears with one of its element changed from : 

<complexType name="Site">
<element name="numberSite" type="xsd:int" />

To :

<element name="numberSite" nillable="true" type="xsd:int" /> 

So my client complains about that. And i would do so if i where him.

*The point is how i can tell axis (in my wsdd i guess) to force elements to 
be nillable OR not?*

This type is justed mapped like this :

<typeMapping qname="ns:Site" xmlns:ns="http://xxx/types"
com.equant.eureka.cedre.util.objet.SiteLivraisonSatin "

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