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From "Tysnes Are Thobias" <>
Subject RE: WebSphere 5.1 does not run Web Applications running Axis SOAPEngine
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 11:21:18 GMT

Thanks for your reply!

I will take a look at your suggestions.

What's bothering me is that IBM clearly doesn not support Web Applications running Axis SOAP
running in WebSphere. I don't know if my company will take the risk to run an unsupported
Maybe it's time to migrate to JBoss in production.. :o)

Are T. Tysnes

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From: [] 
Sent: 4. mai 2005 10:26
Subject: RE: WebSphere 5.1 does not run Web Applications running Axis SOAPEngine

I am successfully running a web application on WAS 5.1 using Axis 1.1.  I have had some problems
with Axis1.2RC3 and WAS 5.1 but I got over those by using Shared libraries to contain all
the Axis jars and PARENT_LAST as the classloader policy.

I also had to specify a name-value pair assigning the  fully-qualified class name of the LogFactory
implementation to property  org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory in file,
and  place this file in the classpath to force WAS to use the Apache implementation of LogFactory
instead of the IBM one - see (but
this could be just for WAS on the iSeries).
I  added the file to a config directory which was in a shared library
associated with the application and Axis was happy and the web service worked. 

I also called IBM support for help but in the end I ended up finding the solution through

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From: Tysnes Are Thobias []
Sent: 04 May 2005 8:54 
Subject: WebSphere 5.1 does not run Web Applications running Axis SOAP Engine


We are running WebSphere Application Servers in production and are planing on deploying a
Web Application (Web Services, Axis 1.2 and Castor).

There are some issues deploying Web Applications containing Axis in WebSphere because IBM
is using a "home-made" version of Axis inside WebSphere. I did contact IBM support and they
can tell me that it is not possible to run Web Applications containg Axis on WebSphere 5.1.

Can anyone confirm this !? Do we realy have to change our Application Server because we decided
to use Axis as SOAP Engine !?

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